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Echeveria feeling so sad (EXPLORED 10-15) on Flickr.


    Echeveria feeling so sad (EXPLORED 10-15) on Flickr.

  2. "I thought holding hands wouldn’t be such a big deal after we’ve kissed. But every time he holds my hand, I can feel his warmth and my heart beats faster. I never knew  that the warmth you get from others could feel this kind and reassuring"

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'Oaked Pines'
by Stephan Amm


    'Oaked Pines'
    by Stephan Amm

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  6. Valar morghulis. All men must die.

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    Queens of Arendelle

    I’m so so so happy to see this gifset. Everywhere, on tumblr or fanfics, Elsa is almost always only connected to the King, her father. There’s rarely mention of her mother, whereas I think she’s really important. And you can see how important she was as well to Elsa, with the little pendant she kept around her neck. 

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